My Autobiography

24 years ago, I was born on a warm, sunny day on March 4, 1998,

in Cauayan City, Isabela. We are seven siblings in the family. I am 2nd child.

My mother’s name is Marites fifty-five years old. she is a housekeeper.

Our mother is the one who prepare everything at home. My fathers name is Rodolfo fifty-two years old.

He is a truck driver for almost twenty-two years. My father is the who provides our daily needs.

They are both from Santiago city, Isabela my eldest sister is twenty-six years old, she is not living with us anymore,

she is a working as customer service in cable Cauayan. the siblings after I am twenty-two years old a fresh graduate at Isabela State University,

she graduated a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

My fourth is twenty years old. Senior high school graduate he is currently working at SM supermarket my fifth sibling is nine years old,

grade IV student and my last sibling is four years old she is a nursery. Who I am in life?

My name is camille L. Catalon, I took my Elementary is education at Cauayan South Central School when I was a kid,

I am a naughty I always want to play outside with my sister and other kids.

But by afternoon we need to take a nap because its my fathers policy.

If we disobey him. We have punishment that we will hit our butt using his belt.

I remember I feel on the motorcycle “kolong kolong” and it cause a scar on my knees it has 12 stitches because my knees cut on the plate number.

When my childhood we live in the rice mill compound where my father’s workplace there is a small 2-storey house we live their until I was thirteen years old.

My father decides to start to build our house when my eldest sister is going to college,

so we are living now in our house. I took my secondary education at Cauayan National High School.

When I was in high school I have more a lot of friends we always used to go another house.

I went to East Asia International Collage education I took up Bookkeeping

but unfortunately there is big event happened in my life before the end my second semester in my first year and during that time I got pregnant

at the age of nineteen years old. At first,

I do not know what I am going to do because I am afraid to my father’s reaction or what going to do with me if ever,

he knows it. I don’t have the world to tell him and either my whole family .

so, I kept it almost seven months no one notice it until two months before I give birth.

I decide to tell my mother that I was pregnant she is shocked even though she had this feeling that

I might pregnant because of mother’s instinct and she told to my eldest sister about it no one has the courage to tell my father with his parents,

his parent with me of his uncle came to our house to talk about my pregnancy and our plan.

My father called my father because he is at worked during those time,

she told him to come home early because we have a visitor,

she didn’t tell him yet and I was worried to reaction of my father.

When my father got home, he is curious who are our visitors,

but the uncle of my partner spoke up and told everything.

He is started and teary eyed. I expect that is disappointed with me.

When I was about to give birth, I decide to stop my study so that I am prepared and have a rest before the day.

I labor in the past days and months my father accepted me and my son also my partner.

because he was a trainee to become a soldier but now, he is now a soldier our priority is to our son we are not yet married.

My son’s name is Malthon. 5 years old. He is a now kindergartner at San Fermin elementary school.

We live in parents’ house while my partner is away from us because his are destination is in Mindanao in 2019,

I plan to finish my studies. I enrolled in Isabela state university taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

of pandemic I pursue my studies through attending online class.

Now I am a fourth-year college, and the government allows face to face classes after two years I am happy to go back to school,

to see my farmer classmate and new faces and see our professor not on a technology screen anymore,

I am looking forward to learning more from them. What is life for me Life is not mean friends and family who you can trust you.

I am pretty much on the happy side of life,

I enjoyed to being kid but like all in 20’s I have perfections and I don’t have my “day off” that’s mean I do have some sad days or depress days.

But when I feel like those days, I always look up my son who give me strength and courage to go in life.

he is my inspiration to finish my studies so that I can’t give him a lot a better life. What is my outlook on future? It is hard to think about on the future when I have not experience much of life.

There are many paths that I could take.

I don’t know what direction I will be heading in tomorrow or if my mind will change the next day or the day after.

I can only hope that I make wise and careful decisions about my life and the future of my son.

every choice I make effects my future.

I am confident that I have bright future,

I do not know what the future will bring but I know my goal and ambitions are hopefully everything I want to achieve will be in future,

but for now I will pursue to finish my studies and work hard to get closer to achieving my goals.